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Scott Steiner vs. Bill Goldberg TRIBUTE - Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

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Eklenme Tarihi 2 yıl önce
Dilİngilizce [English]
PWT0rch [26th March 2000] WCW wants to build toward Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner. Bill Busch's authority was undermined by the Steiner situation since Busch wanted to suspend Steiner for making unauthorized comments during a live Nitro interview, but Brad Siegel decided not to fight Steiner's lawyers & basically let Steiner return with no punishment. PWT0rch [8th April 2000] There aren't enough (or any) heel opponents in WCW who can make for an interesting feud with Goldberg. The best option is Scott Steiner, but that should be saved for later. Going to it this summer is too fast. Here is a scenario with Goldberg that could build toward a big PPV match six or twelve months down the line & establish a second huge star to rival Goldberg in WCW for years to come. Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg [Nitro - 18th July 2000] PWT0rch [26th August 2000] Scott Steiner suffered a broken orbital bone when Goldberg caught him with a super stiff left hand in their brawl 07:13 on August 21 Nitro. PWT0rch [23rd September 2000] Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg was one of those intense matches that you couldn't take your eyes off of. In part, it was because these two guys are so tough. In part, it was because both have hair-trigger tempers & might set each other off at any second. In part, it was because both are so fragile despite their toughness & could end up injured. In part, it was because you knew neither like doing jobs, so how would they end the match? Mostly, though, it was because it was a good match between two of WCW's more intriguing stars. Figure Four Weekly [25th September 2000] Scott Steiner beat Goldberg in a no-DQ match. This was just as frightening as I expected it to be going in. They pummeled each other with scariness. Steiner actually hit a Diamond Cutter at one point. Steiner came off the top, but Goldberg caught him & powerslammed him. Goldberg started holding his bad arm. Midajah came out with a lead pipe, but didn’t do much. Goldberg went headfirst into the steps & started bleeding hardway from the top of his head. Steiner gave him an overhead belly-to-belly & Goldberg landed right on his head. Steiner grabbed the lead pipe, but Goldberg speared him. Vince Russo then hit the ring & killed Goldberg with bat shot. Steiner set up a table & body slammed Goldberg through it. Steiner put on the Recliner, but Goldberg got to the ropes. Steiner took him up top. Goldberg tried to fight back. Steiner then dropped him right on his head again with an overhead belly-to-belly superplex. I thought for sure somebody was going to die at this point. Steiner put on the Recliner again, but Goldberg made the ropes. Goldberg went for the spear, but Russo cut him off. Goldberg grabbed him by the throat. Steiner snuck up behind him & nailed him in the belly & head with the lead pipe. He put on the Recliner for a third time. Goldberg was pretty much a bloody mass of depravity, so the referee stopped the match. One hell of a scary spectacle. Dave Meltzer's subjective match rating: ****1/4 - Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg (WCW Fall Brawl, 17.09.2000) PowerSlam Magazine - Issue 76 [November 2000] WCW supporters have hardly been spoilt for choice in the Match Of The Year stakes. So, it must have felt like Christmas had come early when Scott Steiner & Goldberg went to war here in an incredibly brutal Anything Goes tussle. 'Big Poppa Pump' & 'Da Man' threw each other around & laid in the blows with such ferocity few (if any) others could (or would) dare to replicate. Even a Vince Russo bat shot could not quell the searing intensity as Goldberg powered out of the Steiner Recliner on three occasions. Ultimately, 'Sir-Pump-A-Lot' hammered the 'G-Man' in the rib cage with a lead pipe, then hit the knockout blow, before applying the match winning Recliner. The sterling craftsmanship of Goldberg & Steiner - who could easily become WCW's answer to The Rock & Triple H - served as a frustrating reminder that without such a twerp of a booker, WCW would still have plenty going for it. PWT0rch [23rd December 2000] Scott Steiner beating Sid Vicious didn't have anything at stake other than the continuation of Steiner's build up as the first fresh, monster champion in years. Starrcade was nothing more, nothing less, than one more step toward the eventual big money match in WCW of Steiner vs. Goldberg. WCW Live! [11th January 2001] “We had always known, before I left in September 1999, that Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg was a big-money opportunity. My opinion on that hasn’t changed.” - Eric Bischoff PWT0rch [24th March 2001] I hope Fusient Media Ventures can work something out with Fox because it would be a shame if WCW dies when they may have their first money-making program in years with Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg.